RV awning is one of the essential needs of those who will take their time near the beach or at the camping site. Some might find it as a hobby, and some have joined the recreational activities for the family and with friends. Like at this kind of season where people used to go out to enjoy the summer, RV awning is the right thing that will help you stay longer outdoor of your RV, but you can make it upgrade by putting up screens surrounding your RV to make a room, an RV awning room. An RV awning room is like a tent but in a patio style, there is a roof and fabric enclosure to make it a closed area.

RV awning room is a versatile room that is perfect for increasing the usable size of the RV and as an additional, they are great for letting you and your family enjoy the great outdoor experience without being exposed to any harsh weather conditions. This diy RV awning room benefits a lot to every motorhome owner. It can increase the living area for they will not insist to keep themselves inside the RV because there is an outdoor area where they can stay and make tasks as if they are inside the RV. The screen-like materials allow ventilation whilst keeping out insects like bugs, mosquitos, and flies. With the kind of screen fabric, there will be a free will of the wind to come in and out of the room, and the room area will be cool and well ventilated with the natural continuous fresh air. It adds an element of privacy while enjoying the fresh air, this screened room is closed with no other foreign elements to come in even dust, just the blow of the fresh air. RV awning room provides basic protection from rain, wind, especially from the sun rays.  The main purpose of the awning itself is to protect the people from the sun rays and rain by the shield it has, and so will more protection if there is a screen enclosure added. So, those are the benefits of the RV awning rooms.

RV awning room works by attaching to your existing RV’s awning the screen room enclosure. There are different kinds of RV awning available in the market, but you can do one by yourself with the accurate, proper tools and materials for building it. With the exact measurement of the existing awning, first is to get the measurement to cut and make the precise measurement for the screen fabric. You will need to use grommets for each of the sides of the screen fabric that will serve as the holes for the hook. then after that, let us go with the frame of the screen enclosure. There must be poles that will serve as the support of the whole room and every end must be connected with the T-connectors that can hold the pole assembly. With the well-done screen fabric and frames, assemble them to make a room and enjoy you do it yourself room. It is easy to make RV awning room with a proper tools and equipment. With a twist of a creativity and following some standard we can make a wonderful do it yourself awning room.

DIY RV Awning Room

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