RV emergency exit windows are made from shatter-proof glass or high-impact plastics. They can be had with an assortment of tints that either be clear, tinted, or opaque, and some RV emergency exit windows can be had with trim rings that enhance the look of the RV window and can either be framed or frameless. All RV emergency exit windows come with heat-resistant and weatherproof rubber seals to prevent dust, rainwater, or moisture, from getting into the recreational vehicle. Sliding screens are included with all RV emergency exit windows to prevent insects or debris from entering the RV when the emergency exit window is opened for fresh air and extra ventilation. The RV emergency exit window is hinged to open-up towards the outside of an RV so the emergency exit window must not be installed on structural locations on the RV that can be blocked by RV accessories or near a possible external obstruction. They are equipped with quick-release latches and tabs that are marked with high visibility colors such as bright red or orange and some latches come with high visibility pull tabs for faster opening of the emergency exit window.

For safety considerations, an RV emergency exit window must be immediately replaced if it is fading, has cracks, or is worn-out or loose on its mountings. RV emergency exit windows are known to have fallen off vehicles or get stuck in their locked or open positions, so RV owners need to inspect all their RV emergency exit window regularly. On any recreational vehicle that has a fully-functional kitchen, it is paramount that a damaged or worn-out emergency exit window needs to be replaced immediately. A larger than standard RV emergency exit window must be considered for ease of egress in case of an RV fire or accident. The RV emergency exit window replacement must be located above or beside the sleeping and the living areas of an RV to allow the occupants an avenue of escape in case the RV doors are blocked by fire or thick smoke.

Recreational vehicles are explicitly required by regulations to have RV emergency exit windows installed. RV fires can be particularly rapid due to the enclosed confines within an RV and the materials inside. A minimum of two emergency exit windows are required on all recreational vehicles and they must be regularly inspected for proper function and operation. An RV emergency exit window has quick-release locks that are very easy to open even for children and senior people. The RV emergency exit window locks are large enough to make pulling the lock release lever as effortless as possible under time-critical situations during an RV fire or accident. An RV emergency exit window must be large enough for an above-average person to egress easily from a recreational vehicle during a fire or an accident. The RV emergency exit windows must be located on both sides and roof of an RV to provide as much emergency exit locations as possible on the vehicle. An RV emergency exit window must be made certain to be free from possible obstruction both internally and externally.

Emergency Exit Windows for RV’s

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