A hitch pin is a simple form of hardware designed to conjoin or mount mating components. This type of pin requires some form of lock and mating holes to become effective. This is commonly found on most vehicle trailers.

Almost all types of pins including hitch pin require a single predrilled hole that can retain and hold objects in place. Two mating segments are required to be aligned for coupling applications. And they are held in position by using a pin. It also requires an extra cotter pin that will be inserted perpendicularly. This will lock the pin in position. Understand as well that this contains integral locking mechanisms. Like this more as it can resist shear forces. This makes it fundamentally different than screws and bolts. This could as well be utilized as a shear pin in some mechanical overloading situations.


Hitch pin is designed to resist shearing under such heavy loads. The material it is constructed with is exclusively metal. For once, the stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, exceptionally strong, aesthetically appealing, and more expensive than other steel options. The brass material provides conductivity, quality strength, low-magnetic permeability, and corrosion resistance. This, however, is limited to a lower working load. The unhardened steel is less expensive and more malleable. This cannot handle heavy and extreme loads. This one is vulnerable to corrosion. The ground and hardened steel are stronger as it is introduced in a heat-treatment process. This is a more brittle version of the metal. When this is uncoated, this can oxidize under such certain conditions.


Many hitch pins exist today. They are mostly differentiated by their locking mechanism. They serve their purpose of linking two mating components. They can be held in a position on one end by the cotter pin. They have a handle or a bend that cannot be removed. This prevents the removal from the other side.


There are variations of hitch pins that are known today. These include hitch pin having a detent locking mechanism. Some of them have a cotter pin that is attached by using a chain that prevents misplacement. One form of hitch pin can be held in place by way of a safety spring pin. Other hitch pins have keyed locks that can avoid unauthorized removal.


A hitch pin is recognizable from their usage in the towable trailers like campers and boat trailers. The many choices to find for hitch pin include double-lock hitch pins, red-head forged hitch pins, bent hitch pins, cold-forged hitch pins, hitch pins with a swivel handle, premium green head hitch pins, and many more.

Just making it sure that your trailer is safe with a hitch pin is essential. This is built and shaped for easy alignment. This can provide nothing but security and safety for your vehicle. You only need to settle with one that exceeds the industry standards.

So, what more could you ask for? Feel free to buy the hitch pin that is usable for your trailer or RV!

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