Faulty shower controls, leaky faucets, and plumbing issues can occur to most RVers. Since RVs are stored during the winter months, the ice also expanded just from the trapped water. This could already crack even the smallest part of the water system’s fixtures. You would not wait as well for this to wreak havoc.

What you want to enjoy is a hot and nice shower after wandering around the woods. A good shower is something that you will depend upon. This is one of the many aspects that are demanded by most outdoor enthusiasts. This is needed along with running water, kitchen appliances, and a cozy bed.

If the RV shower has stopped working or is not functioning well as you like it, it will then need some major updates. Many of the RV shower plumbing parts might need replacement. The common parts to be replaced include the hoses, fixtures, and heads. Those who are not experienced in the plumbing system can still experience little trouble prior to these improvements.

Shower Hose and Wand

A lot of campers consider RV shower plumbing parts and wand being an essential part of conserving water. They often come in a standard material of plastic that can be just less expensive. There is also stainless steel that can last longer. It can as well be attached to stainless steel or plastic in a handheld sprayer. The many replacement kits to find feature several hoses, showerheads, and additional amenities such as a shutoff valve. That way, you won’t be wasting water while you go on showering.

Replace the part by removing the old holder. Attach the newly-found holder exactly in the same place. Minimize rusting by placing a silicone bead around the holder. This will thereby help avoid leaking. Assemble the parts of the showerhead following the provided directions. Put on a Teflon tape through the joints. Test some possible leaks after turning on the water.

Shower Head

The usual RV showerhead uses only less water as compared to the in-home counterpart. RVers would choose a high-pressure and contemporary head allowing a great showering experience. This is also while you minimize the use of water.

If the shower head is leaking or is already old looking, it’s when you will need an upgrade for it. This is somehow a part that can be fixed easily. Unscrew the old head while you screw the new one.

Hoses and Fixtures

Your main concerns considering your RV shower fixtures are the form and function. How will they look and how well they work would be your issue. Just turn off the water pump. Drain the water in the system as you turn on both the cold and hot water in the shower.

Remove the mounting plate and the faucets that are often screwed in. Now, get access to the water lines. Most of the RVs are made from a removable panel at the back of the shower. This makes it easier on your part to find your way in the plumbing. Utilize a wrench in separating the water lines from the faucet. Keep track of the fixtures and hoses that are cold and are hot.

Get the lines connected to the new faucet. Screw them in. Apply a bead of rubber sealant right through the seams. You may now use the water and test it out.

Search online for RV shower plumbing parts. But, always settle with a reputable supply store to minimize your effort and time.

Know All The RV Shower Plumbing Parts

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