Trying to pick the perfect tow bars for cars behind RV to purchase for your application can get pretty confusing. To help you sort things out with this in-depth comparison of each tow bars for cars behind RV along with its advantages and disadvantages. What you will find are motorhome mounted tow bars for cars behind RV grouped into different weight ratings. These are all fitted with the shank found on nearly all motorhomes. It can tell you up front that all of the manufacturers tow bars for cars behind RV products provide an excellent product with no real quality issues. You can see that in the warranties manufacturers offer, going from 30 to 90 days in the past, to manufacturers providing lifetime warranties. At one time, the base plate or bracket dictated which manufacturer you had to go with, but that is no longer the case. With tow bars for cars behind RV adapters available for any of the different tow bars for cars behind RV to baseplate combinations, your options for the perfect towing setup just got better. Features will play a big role in your decision process, as well as the price.

Tow bars for cars behind RV was a surprise when it was introduced after the hugely successful on every tow bars for cars behind RV and imagined would see by adopting the ball and socket pivot point design for all of its tow bars for cars behind RV going forward. Other manufacturers went back to the tried and true axis pivot point and it reminds a lot of the long lasting tow bars for cars behind RV that made in the towed vehicle towing sector. The no-binding latch is really accurate if you are on level ground and the vehicle is in-line with the motorhome but any other instance and it can be a challenge to release the arms to disconnect. There is always a trick by turning the steering wheel on the toad one way or the other depending on which arm is bound up and it will release the tension. Even with its 6500 lbs. tow rating and excellent price point the tow bars for cars behind RV has quickly become the go to tow bar for customers looking to tow smaller vehicles.

Tow bars for cars behind RV like the other tow bars brands has some cool features that a seasoned tower will really enjoy. The first being the supported tow bar arms. Because it always connecting the car and having those arms at the level of the baseplate pins is a nice feature. While hooking up one side and if not supporting the full weight of both arms as you’re bent over which the lower back saver. Folding this tow bars for cars behind RV up on the back of the motorhome is as simple as swinging one or both legs to either side. Throw in the safety cable supports and coiled cable holder and you have a very well thought out tow bars for cars behind RV. It has also figured out the truly non-binding latch design which have found to work even under the pressure of an unaligned tow vehicle.

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