When you have a fifth wheel RV, you cannot wait but hit the road finally on a thrilling and exciting outdoor adventure. But before hitching it up and pulling it out of the driveway, it is a must checking out the RV fifth wheel hitches accessories making hitch install an easy way possible. This is also while it protects you and your investment from a bumpy or damaging ride that can leave you sore and tired.

As these accessories are not necessary, customers like you can still think of them as something nice to have. Below are the choices of RV fifth wheel hitches accessories that you might want to consider.

Lift Kit

When you are more concerned with the amount of clearance right between the fifth wheel and the bed of the truck, you might consider investing in the Lift Kit. This will then create a wiggle room. This will act by way of raising the height of the hitch right in the truck bed. This is an accessory type that can help in towing with a newer truck having a deeper and shorter bed.

Rail Kit

The first accessory type to ever consider is the rail kit. This will often include the base rails, brackets, and hardware needed for the installation process. The specific brackets of the vehicle will mount to the existing holes in the frame of the truck. This thereby minimizes measuring, drilling, and installing time than the universal type of bracket system. The system is now designed to be compatible with the hitches of the hidden hitch, Draw-tite, Curt, Reese, Husky, and Valley.

Air Ride Pin Box

Buy an Air Ride Pin Box that can assure you of the smoothest ride possible. This works by buffering the tow vehicle and the fifth wheel. This now reduces the shock that is brought about by the turbulence in the road. This is an accessory type that comes assembled already with bolts installed onto the trailer. This uses hardware and existing holes for an easy and quick installation. That is when you will enjoy it more.

The best thing about the air ride pin box is that it comes with less longitudinal shock, less vertical shock, less stress on the coach frame, less disruption and vibration in the inside of the coach, and less fatigue as a driver or a passenger.

Glide Ride Pin Box

The shocks and the bumps from the rough roads can bring about a short life on the vehicle and an expensive repair. This will also, naturally, bring in an uncomfortable life. If you will replace the previous pin box with a Glide Ride Pin Box, you will experience a smoother ride with the vehicle’s suspension, drive train, body, and tires thanking you for doing it. It works as a unique linkage coupler enabling a parallel movement in this sense. The gravity will also bring the kingpin back to its original and centered position. Trust that it will never affect the steering or braking.

Now, you just have learned more about the RV fifth wheel hitches accessories that you must buy right away!

The RV Fifth Wheel Hitches Accessories You Ever Need to Consider

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